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Nonprofit & Philanthropic Organizations

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors works hand in hand with philanthropic and nonprofit organizations to ensure the intended community impact is achieved and the confidence of donors is well founded.

We understand the vital role performed by those organizations serving our communities, and are committed to assisting them in successfully realizing their missions.

Our experience with philanthropic and nonprofit organizations includes:

  • Assisting organizations with grantmaking due diligence;
  • Helping organizations understand and improve their internal operating procedures;
  • Providing guidance for improving governance, transparency, and accountability;
  • Providing verifiable performance metrics for management, board members, funding organizations and donors.

We follow a unique, proprietary approach not offered by other advisors. In utilizing our services, your organization will receive personal attention from experienced professionals. These individuals possess highly diverse backgrounds, permitting our firm to offer “a different perspective” to each of our clients.

Members of our team have served as:

  • Board members and officers of philanthropic and nonprofit organizations;
  • Operating management in diverse industries;
  • Certified Public Accountants and attorneys;
  • Financial, business valuation, and forensic experts.