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Getting Started

As a part of your team, we provide the resources to establish, measure and report on sustainability strategies and actions that are aligned with your business objectives and consistent with your corporate culture.

We begin by working with your senior management team to define commitments and strategies, identify measurable elements of the sustainability program, establish auditing procedures, and engage employees at all levels of the organization. We then assist you in producing a clear, compelling sustainability report – – in print and digital format – – that complies with standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative.

Because any commitment to sustainable business practices must be long-term, we can stay by your side to continually improve your programs, assure compliance, maintain employee participation and produce outstanding reports annually.

Elements of a first-year sustainability program typically include:

  • The establishment of an internal sustainability committee or task force, empowered by senior management, with representation from your communications, investor relations, operations, financial, human resources, legal and marketing functions.
  • Development of your sustainability mission statement.
  • A materiality study to determine the most important metrics you will be measuring and attempting to improve annually.
  • The launch of an ongoing program to capture input from all areas of your company and build lasting employee engagement.
  • The initiation of auditable tracking and the development of your first sustainability report.

The first step, of course, is giving us a call and getting started on developing a sustainability program that will inspire employees, advance your business objectives and inform all stakeholders for years to come.