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Our Approach

We understand that many companies are reluctant to commit to the public reporting of non-financial aspects of their business. And we respect the concerns of corporate leaders who view “sustainability” as a narrow environmental concept advanced primarily by interests with anti-business agendas.

The good news is that over the last decade the sustainability movement has gone mainstream, and sustainability reporting has become standard operating procedure for companies of all sizes around the world. Sustainability reports now embrace broad elements of corporate social responsibility, providing an excellent platform for an organization to highlight the positive things it does in the service of people, our planet and the company’s profits.

So we approach sustainability reporting as an opportunity.

The fact is that most companies, even those who do not publish sustainability reports, are already working hard to more efficiently use energy, conserve water, treat employees with dignity, contribute to communities and look after their supply chain. Companies are doing all this because it’s good business. So why not get credit for the good things you’re already doing and the improvements you’re achieving every year? Why not take the extra step to assure buy-in and enthusiasm for these efforts throughout your organization?

To us, that’s what sustainability reporting is all about. And that’s why we encourage our clients to embrace this as a positive initiative designed to strengthen their organization and its bottom line. By providing all the resources you need to design and execute a comprehensive sustainability program, we make the effort manageable, enjoyable and rewarding.