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Sustainability Reporting

The question is no longer IF you should embrace sustainability reporting.

The question is WHEN.

The answer is NOW.

Consumers, investors and communities today expect companies of all sizes to demonstrate meaningful, measurable commitments to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Stock exchanges and regulatory agencies around the world are setting new rules. And companies are learning that integrating sustainable practices into their businesses can materially strengthen their bottom lines.

As demands for disclosure on environmental and social impacts increase so does the number of surveys, questionnaires and queries to companies. They come from many and diverse directions: institutional investors, customers, media, industry analysts, communities, regulatory and non-­‐regulatory government bodies (at the local, national and international levels), activist groups and various others. Each seems to want more or different data than the others, or may pose the same questions in slightly different ways. The resulting tsunami has overwhelmed many companies’ ability to cope.

To assist clients at every stage of the sustainability reporting process, our team consists of Certified Public (Forensic) Accountants, corporate social responsibility counselors, employee engagement experts, and graphic/web designers. We make getting to the first sustainability report manageable, and delivering on sustainability commitments rewarding.