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Governance Advisory

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors advises public companies, private companies, and nonprofit and philanthropic organizations on their governance procedures.

Our professionals assist organizations in establishing comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) practices.  These practices will help your organization understand and address the industry-specific, firm-specific, operational, compliance, and competitive strategy risks you face.  CCA’s ERM services take into account both the probability and impact of such risks, allowing your organization to prioritize areas needing attention.  By using our ERM services, your organization will improve its ability to better perceive risks in its external and internal environments, while standardizing risk management procedures and practices.  Boards of directors and C-suite executives will also have increased confidence, knowing that risks are being properly assessed and managed.

Our team is uniquely qualified to offer our governance advisory services. In addition to their experience at international CPA firms, members of our team have served as SEC compliance officers and FBI white collar crime special agents. These individuals help private companies improve and assess their governance practices, and public companies with securities law compliance matters.

Members of our team also advise nonprofit and philanthropic organizations on their governance practices. We understand the vital role played by these organizations, and the unique nature of their operations. Our team members have served on numerous nonprofit and philanthropic boards, and community service is one of our firm’s key beliefs.