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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting services represent a core competency of our firm, and are based on our team’s professional, litigation, and expert witness experience.

We have provided forensic accounting support to attorneys in high profile accounting malpractice and accountants’ liability cases, including those pertaining to auditing procedures, tax services, business valuations, economic damages analyses, and internal control failures. We work hand in hand with the legal team, providing analyses that document and retell the events which transpired. We also provide expert testimony to explain these technical details to the court.

Outside of the courtroom, CCA team members provide forensic accounting services to numerous public and private organizations. In some instances, our services are employed reactively, such as in the event of fraud investigation. In others, our services are proactively utilized to develop robust processes and internal controls to deter fraud. These latter, proactive services allow organizations to identify and analyze key accounting procedures and record-keeping methods. We seek to identify potential accounting transaction problems and issues before they happen.

We are frequently engaged by companies to perform internal forensic investigations involving defalcation, collisional purchasing fraud, financial misrepresentations, and intellectual property rights violations.  Our team provides these services in strict confidentiality: often, the subject of the investigation is unaware that an investigation is taking place.   This helps prevent disruption of the business and provides management with facts to allow careful planning of remediation steps.