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Enterprise Risk Management

Organizational managers are highly concerned about the consequences of risk. While there are very real downsides associated with risk-taking, it can often provide organizations with the ability to capitalize on opportunities which create value for shareholders.

CCA works with directors, executives, and risk managers to help ensure their organizations are simultaneously maximizing the benefit and minimizing the downside of risk. We assist organizations in identifying and analyzing operational, process, and compliance risks, as well as prioritizing high impact/high likelihood risks. Once risks have been prioritized, CCA assists in the development of internal control processes to mitigate these risks. These processes include preventive measures designed to minimize the negative consequences of risk-taking, as well as detective and corrective measures to reduce the downside of risk.

As information integrity is paramount in risk assessment, CCA also examines how risks are perceived by the organization, and the way information is assimilated and distributed to board members and risk managers. We help organizations streamline their communication processes to realize greater benefits from risk-taking.

Our proprietary risk assessment methodologies were developed by seasoned professionals who helped implement ERM processes in Fortune 500 companies, as well as privately-held organizations. A portion of our risk assessment methodology was published in 2009 in Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Directors, Executives, and Practitioners. CCA’s team members have also developed a portable risk management guide. To obtain a complimentary copy, please contact our office directly via phone or email.