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Economic Damages Services

Our economic damages consultants and expert witnesses play a critical role in the outcome of commercial and business disputes.

Through their expertise and communication skills, they bring all components of a dispute together in a manner in which attorneys, judges, and juries can understand. Both plaintiff and defendant experts apply critical analyses to all aspects of a case, from pre-litigation assessment, through discovery, to post-judgment analysis.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of leading professionals who are nationally recognized experts in economic damages, valuation, IFRS and US GAAP, enterprise risk management, tax matters, due diligence, ethics, forensic accounting, and fraud. This diverse expertise allows us to offer a unique risk-based approach to the litigation process, all areas of which are addressed by our multidisciplinary team.

Our damages opinions and critique of damage calculations include consideration of internal and external factors affecting the dispute, application of professional standards, tax issues and accounting standards.

Our risk-based economic damages services include the following matters:

  • Intellectual property disputes
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Licenses
  • Breach of contract
  • Employment and personal injury
  • Legal and accounting malpractice
  • Shareholder / partner disputes
  • Business torts

Our approach is utilized in all damages theories including actual and consequential damages, compensatory damages (expectation damages and reliance damages), and restitution or disgorgement damages.

As economic damages experts, we can assist the parties and their attorneys with:

  • Discovery assistance
  • Proof of business facts
  • Computation and critique of damages
  • Development of case strategy
  • Document management