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Does your cybersecurity team include the former Secretary of Homeland Security and the former White House Cybersecurity Chief? It can. As part of our risk management practice, we are the business of solving problems for our clients by linking them to strategic partners who provide the highest level of service in their fields.

CCA’s partnership with Ridge Global gives our clients access to cybersecurity and cyber insurance provided by some of the world’s top technical experts from government, military and the private sector.

Ridge Global understands the threats organizations face today and applies their unique experience with cyber preparedness and remediation using a risk management and business framework that is visible, measurable, and accountable.

“Many leaders want to be better prepared for the challenges of cyberspace. Cyber attacks and cyber crime have a real – not virtual – impact on operations and the bottom line. The effects are as far reaching, disruptive and consequential as physical attacks, and can make or break organizations that are not sufficiently prepared.”
Tom Ridge, Partner
First Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“CEOs who are engaged on matters of cybersecurity put their companies at a competitive advantage. Our goal is to help leaders improve their cyber resiliency, so attacks don’t impact their systems or their market positions.”
Howard Schmidt, Partner
Former White House Cybersecurity Chief

Ridge Global’s services include:

  • C-Suite and executive level advisory services for cybersecurity
  • Corporate and national cyber strategy development
  • Assessments, reviews and third-party evaluations
  • Public-private police, compliance and operational engagement for
    cybersecurity and resilience
  • Corporate management committee support
  • Public-private partnership development for security and resilience