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IP Valuation

In today’s competitive marketplace, smart companies— whether Fortune 500 firms or early stage start-ups— rely on innovation to keep them one step ahead of the game.

That’s why executives and entrepreneurs must take an active role in extracting value from their intellectual assets. They need to be able to effectively leverage the knowledge, trade secrets, patents, technologies, trademarks, structures and processes that are critical to their operations.

At Cendrowski Corporate Advisors, we help organizations measure and optimize the real value of the intangible assets and intellectual property (IP) that drive their success. We build long-term relationships with our clients. That ensures an active and informed approach to managing their intellectual assets, from valuing their IP portfolio to planning effectively for commercialization and growth.

As IP experts, we provide high-level, individualized service to start-ups and investors as well as to corporate giants. Our founders aren’t just valuation experts and strategists, they are entrepreneurs who have created IP in several startups.  Whether your business is large or small, well established or getting off the ground, CCA is your partner for IP.