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Due Diligence

Theresa Mack
Senior Manager
P. 866-717-1607




Due Diligence Overview

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors provides due diligence services to private equity funds, private firms, public companies, and non-profit organizations.

Our services provide clients with a laser-focused view of a potential target's operations. CCA's team members focus on assessing internal controls and organizational efficiency at all operational levels of the target firm. With respect to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, we provide grantmaking due diligence services for grantors, helping them to ensure that their funds are provided to grantees of the highest integrity.

Our professionals' unique backgrounds allow us to offer exclusive insights. Members of our senior team have served as operating managers in diverse industries. They are highly qualified in fraud deterrence, accounting, and financial analysis. And, they have advanced academic degrees in their areas of expertise, including PhDs in business administration. Their expertise in each of these areas allows us to offer a holistic perspective to our due diligence clients.

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